Friday, December 26, 2014

Grammar is a GOOD thing!

I have been reading a lot of blog posts recently. I am on my Christmas Break, and I have some free time on my hands. So, I decided to read some of the blog posts I've been pinning and saving for later. There is one thing that sticks out to me on a lot of these posts: They don't read well.
What do I mean? Incomplete sentences, run-on sentences, incorrect grammar usage, and skipping words all together.

guess you could say I am a grammar snob. I taught English Composition and Literature for four years. I am currently working part-time as an adjunct dance instructor at a local community college. I've read a lot of badly written essays, reports and papers. When I sit down to read a blog post on a subject I am truly interested in learning more about, I don't want to grade it. I want to be able to read it and learn from it. I don't want to have to slog through bad grammar and incomplete thoughts. I want to be able to glean information from these posts and go on about my day.While I'm not here to judge any one particular blogger, or group of bloggers, I can't sit idly by and not say anything. It just really irritates me that, in an age of spell check and grammar check, I still run across posts that are full of mistakes. I know there are times I'm in a rush and just want to get a post out, but I still try to take the time to make sure it makes sense and flows. Sometimes, when I'm not sure how something will read, I ask my husband to read it and give me feedback. (I do the same for him). It really doesn't take that long to read over your post and make sure it makes sense.
I was reading a blog just a little bit ago on something I was really interested in reading about. I was truly excited to learn more about the subject upon which I was reading. I clicked on the link and began to read. I didn't get very far before my eyes started to cross and my head started to hurt. I couldn't finish reading the post. I "x"-ed out of the post and promptly unpinned the pin. I didn't want to run the risk of clicking on it again to read, only to be disappointed by bad grammar and incomplete thoughts.
As bloggers, I feel it is our responsibility to our readers to make sure our posts are well thought out and constructed. We need to make sure they make sense and are easy to read. No one wants to slog through a post and try to figure out what the writer meant to say. We want to read and learn or be entertained. We need to make sure we edit our posts, or have them edited by someone else (this is actually better). This goes for all bloggers, whether you are big or small, been doing this for years or just getting started. All of us owe it to our readers to edit our posts.
Rant over. Thank you for reading. And, if I offended or upset you, I am truly sorry. This is just something I feel passionately about.