Monday, January 5, 2015

Menu: January 5-11

I know I'm a little late with posting this, but I've had a sick baby and husband. Both have colds, and I've been busy taking care of my family. Both are getting better now, Bumblebee more so than Hubby.


Here's my planned menu for January 5 - 11:

Monday, January 5
Spaghetti fra Diavolo (one of my hubby's favorites! I'll try to post the recipe for this. So yummy!)

Tuesday, January 6
Chili Tacos (I made chili Saturday for dinner. I will be using the leftover chili to make tacos. Great way to use up leftovers without just eating chili again,)

Wednesday, January 7
We will be having dinner at my parents' house. Not sure what we'll be having.

Thursday, January 8
BBQ ribs (since we're eating at my parents' house on Wednesday, I'm moving Crockpot Wednesday to Thursday)
Potato salad
Green Beans

Friday, January 9
Hamburgers with all the fixings

Saturday, January 10
Pancakes with bacon (I love doing breakfast for dinner!)

Sunday, January 11
Leftover night!

I will try to post recipes for the Spaghetti fra Diavolo and my Crockpot BBQ Ribs. Both are family favorites.

Happy Cooking!