Saturday, April 25, 2015

Weekly Favorites 8

I found this Ultimate Home Bundle online. It's full of all sorts of great resources and information. This bundle covers everything from finances to faith to marriage to scheduling, and much more. Check it out, only 2 more days to get it:

Favorite Fashion Find
This is gorgeous.

Favorite Fashion for Bumblebee
'Audrey' Playsuit in Floral White Baby Swag

Favorite Parenting Advice/Story

Bad Day

Favorite DIY Project

DIY cake stand YES!

Favorite Decorating Idea

Finally!! An actual formula you can follow to create a well-designed room! Simple steps anyone can do!

Favorite Marriage Advice/Story

Do you study your husband? Find out why I choose to study mine and how it can affect your marriage. @alicanwrite

Favorite Recipe

Bake the magic of a cheeseburger in pie form—it's impossibly easy!

Bonus Item

Try some of these at home barre exercises!

Hope you enjoy these favorites of mine from this week. If there is something you'd like to see as a regular category or bonus item, please leave a comment. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and a blessed week to come.