Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Last of the Turkey Leftovers

So... I still had some turkey leftover from Thanksgiving and wanted to go ahead and use it up. I was also craving fried rice. Thus... Turkey Fried Rice!

Very simple. 
First, I had to make some rice. I had some Basmati in the pantry, so I made it up in the microwave. I heated up my pan and put some bacon drippings in the pan. Yes, I have a container of bacon renderings in my refrigerator. As does every good southern girl. 
After the rice was does and the fat was hot, I dropped in my rice to start it frying. Then I added my leftover turkey, chopped into bite size pieces. Next came the eggs. I took two eggs and scrambled them up in a bowl with a little pepper and soy sauce. Then I pushed the rice an turkey to one side so I could cook my eggs. After my eggs were cooked, I mixed the rice and turkey with the eggs, and added a little soy sauce. Okay, a lot of soy sauce. I like the flavor. I also cut up some broccoli an added that to the mix. I added a bit more soy an out the lid on the pan. I turned the heat down and let it steam for just a couple minutes. Then it was ready to sere. I dished it up and added some more soy to mine. 

There isn't a recipe for this. You can do it with leftovers in your fridge. Jut have fun and make it your own. And, most importantly... ENJOY!