Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bumblebee's Afghan

Well, I finally finished it a few weeks ago. It's just taken me forever! go get the pictures taken. Haha! So, without further ado! *duh-duh-duh-dum!* Here is Bumblebee's afghan:
It took me almost a year and a half to complete this afghan, but only because soon after I started it I had to put it down because it was hot and I was pregnant. Then, I worked on it diligently in November and December 2013, but had to put it down again in January 2014 because my fingers were so swollen I couldn't use a crochet hook. I wasn't able to pick it back up until October 2014 due to being a brand new mom and then going back to work, and my fingers were still swollen. I worked on it off and on from there, and finally finished it just after Bumblebee turned 8 months old! I know! I know! That's kinda pathetic, but at least I finished it, and she was able to use it for a month before it got to warm, which has just happened here in the last few days. She may even be able to use it a few more times before the temps just get too high.
I am rather proud of this blanket. It is crocheted on the diagonal, but, after the edging is done, it squares up nicely.
It's just big enough for my sweet little Bumblebee! And she loves her afghan. She can get all comfy and cozy under it, and snuggle in for the night.

For this afghan, I used Bernat Softee Baby yarn in antique white. The pattern I used was the "blackberries & crosses" Patten from Baby's Diagonal Arab Afghans. I made a few adjustments to this Patten to better suit my taste. The biggest of which was o get rid of the crosses. I prefer the cleaner look I got from eliminating them from the pattern. I also don't use a yarn needle to weave in he ends. I tend to just crochet them into the afghan. This makes things so much easier on me, as I don't have to go back and search for all my ends and weave them in.
All-in-all, I am very pleased with how this blanket turned out. I am planning on making her another one for when she moves into a big girl bed. Maybe I should start on it now...