Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bumblebee's First Birthday

On Tuesday, my family celebrated a milestone: Bumblebee's First Birthday! We decided to just make it a family celebration for several reasons.
1. Bumblebee's 12 month appointment was that morning at 8:30.
2. We live in a very small apartment. About 800 square feet.
3. Birthdays have always been family affairs in my family. That's not to say we won't have parties where she'll invite her friends when she gets older. Just for right now, they'll be family affairs.
4. Bumblebee is our miracle baby, ant I wanted to celebrate her first birthday with everyone who waited anxiously during my pregnancy, labor, and her ultimate arrival.

I don't think I've shared Bumblebee's birth story. So, I will take a little time to do so now. Please bare with me.

Bumblebee's First Birthday

On June 14, 2014, I wound up taking Hubby to the doctor as he'd been feeling sick all day, and had thrown up. I was having some back pain, but thought it was just stress because Hubby was sick. We went to the emergency care clinic around 4:00 that evening. They ran some tests, including a throat culture, and determined he had strep throat. They gave him a shot of penicillin and a couple prescriptions, and sent him home to rest. Doctor sent me home with instructions to let my doctor know I had been exposed to strep throat. I was almost 39 weeks!
I took Hubby home, got him settled, and called his supervisor to let them know what was going on. I had already called to say he wouldn't be in that night because he was sick and I was taking him to the doctor. I informed them he had strep throat and wouldn't be returning to work until Monday.
Having done all that, and picked up Hubby's prescriptions, I settled down to watch a little TV and rest. I was having twinges in my lower back, but thought they were from all the running around and worrying I'd been doing. I went to bed that night and slept fairly well.
The next day, I woke up and got ready for the day. I didn't really have anything to do, but I always get up and get ready. Anyway, I woke Hubby up to give him his meds and get some fluids in him, then sent him back to bed. Hubby's supervisor called to ask if he'd be in that night. Umm... no! Hello! He had strep throat. Duh! I explained, again, that he wouldn't be back until Monday. We had a doctor's excuse and he would bring it in Monday. Supervisor was very rude and tactless. I got frustrated and was quite blunt with him. Can you blame me? I mean, come on. My hubby was sick and I was almost 39 weeks pregnant in the middle of June in Mississippi! Not to mention my lower back was hurting. Once I was finally able to get him to understand Hubby wouldn't be back in until Monday, and it wasn't my problem if they couldn't find someone to cover his shift, I hung up and went back to my cleaning.
As the day progressed, my lower back pain got worse. I didn't say anything as I didn't want to worry Hubby with him being sick. It was my job to take care of him and get him better. Right?
Sleep was not my friend that night. I was worried about Hubby and uncomfortable.
The next day was Sunday. I was officially 39 weeks. I was scheduled to go in Monday evening so they could induce, and I'd deliver Tuesday morning. That was the plan.
Hubby woke up feeling much better that Sunday morning. He continued to take his meds throughout the day. We watched some TV, played some games, and just rested. He noticed my grimaces and asked if I was ok. I said I was fine, just a little lower back pain and discomfort. He got my phone and started tracking my twinges. About 10 that night, he called the doctor. He was told to run a bath as hot as I could stand it, and I was to get in and stay as long as possible. When I got out, I felt better, but was still uncomfortable. I tried laying down , but couldn't get comfortable, so we got up and watched some TV. At midnight, Hubby said he was taking me to the hospital. We grabbed everything we'd need and set off. We arrived at the ER about 12:45am. They sent me straight up to the maternity ward.
Once there, the nurse hooked me and started tracking my contractions. At 1:00am, they admitted me in full labor. Concerning thing was, I was only dilated 2 centimeters, which is where I had been at my last doctor's appointment almost a week before. Nurse said my contractions were off the charts, but I wasn't in a whole lot of pain. She told me to get some rest as the doctor would be in early to check on me.
Doc came in about 6:00am and checked me out. I was still only at 2, and he was surprised I was able to sleep through my contractions. After his exam, it was determined the best thing to do was to break my water. Hoping this would spark things and I'd go ahead and dilate.
Needless to say, it didn't work. At 8:00am, they began administering Pitocin. Once they began to do that, I began to feel every contraction. And it was unbearable! But I wanted to wait as long as possible for  an epidural. Which I got at about 11:00am.
I eventually dilated to 7, but got stuck there. Hubby was glued to the monitors. Every time they would administer the Pitocin, Bumblebee's heart rate would drop, and my blood pressure would plummet. This happened three times before they called the doctor back. He told them to prep me for a C-section.
At 1:30pm, on Monday, June 16, Bumblebee was born. It was discovered her head was caught against my hip bone, which wouldn't allow her to move into the birth canal. Not only that, when the doc pulled her out, she was wrapped in the cord three times! Once across her eyes, once around her neck and once around her chest. If she had moved into the birth canal, or my doctor hadn't decided to do a section, we would have lost her, and possibly me too.

Bumblebee's First Birthday

Having said all that, we are truly grateful for those who worked so hard to get Bumblebee here. The doctors, nurses, those who prayed, and my family. Knowing we almost lost her, makes her first birthday all the more special. We are truly blessed she is happy and healthy.

Bumblebee's First Birthday
Drinking juice while sitting on our new puzzles.

Bumblebee's First Birthday
Sitting with/on our new puzzles.
Bumblebee's First Birthday
Sitting with Memaw, opening presents.


So on her first birthday, we all gathered together to celebrate. Hubby made pasta with meatballs and marinara, and I made cupcakes. We ate, we cleaned up Bumblebee and Daddy (who were both covered in purple frosting) and then opened presents.

All-in-all it was a wonderful day!

How did/will you celebrate your little's first birthday?