Thursday, June 12, 2014

Big Ballet: Ovations 3 part series

I just finished watching the final episode of Ovation's 3-part series Big Ballet. I must say, as a dancer and ballet teacher, I am very impressed with how much these dancers were able to accomplish in just a few months. To put on a production of Swan Lake as amateur dancers, in such a short period of time, is impressive.

Wayne Sleep did a magnificent job of choreographing a ballet that highlighted the dancer's strengths and made them look amazing in the final production.

Monica Loughman accomplished much in training these amateur dancers in the art of classical ballet. Though most of the dancers chosen had some ballet or dance background, Ms Loughman did a wonderful job of teaching and refining technique, and honing the innate talent and skills of the dancers participating.

The final production of Swan Lake these dancers performed was unique, elegant, and beautifully staged. I only wish I was able to see the entire production, as I am sure it is well worth watching.

The journey these dancers take is well-portrayed, and you definitely get a sense of the struggles they go through to conquer injuries, fears, and the stigma of classical ballet.

I thoroughly enjoyed this series, and hope Mr. Sleep, or another artist, choses to continue producing full-length ballets utilizing unique dancers and a unique perspective.

If you didn't catch Ovation's 3-part series, Big Ballet, I highly recommend it.