Sunday, August 31, 2014

Coconut Oil Experiment: Day 1

On Wednesday, I was talking to a friend of mine, who is African American, about the dry skin little Bumblebee is suffering from. At just under 11 weeks old, her delicate skin is not tolerating much of anything. Baby bath and lotion just seem to irritate her skin. She has rough, dry patches all over her body, especially on her torso. My friend noticed the dry, flaky patch on the top of her head, and was asking me about it. I explained to her Bumblebee was experiencing a bout of dry skin, and I had tried everything to get rid of it. She told me about coconut oil. Yes, the kind you cook with. She was telling me she used it on herself and her 3 year old daughter, head to toe. Another friend of mine, whom is also African American, said coconut oil was all she used. They were both saying they used it in their hair and on their skin. Both ladies have beautifully shiny hair and soft, smooth skin. So, I decided to give it a try and see if it would help Bumblebee's dry skin.
Friday was our first day of experimentation. I bathed Bumblebee in just some slightly warm water. No baby wash of any kind. Not even the stuff they gave me at the hospital when she was first born. After I bathed her, I patted her dry with her baby towel. Gently, of course. Then I took a small about of the coconut oil and rubbed it on her from head to toe. I gently massaged it into her scalp and hair (Bumblebee was born with a full head of hair). Then I gently massaged a small amount into her skin all over. Concentrating on the rough, dry patches.
I only used a small amount, as I wasn't sure how she would tolerate the oil. I watched her closely for any signs of an allergy, but she seemed to tolerate it well. I finished getting her ready for bed, and put her to sleep. All the while, hoping this would be the miracle we'd been looking for to relieve the discomfort of her dry skin.
When I woke up Saturday morning to nurse Bumblebee, I looked her over. The dry patch on the top of her head was gone, and the rough patches on her body were greatly diminished. Her skin felt much softer and smoother than they had in a while. I was pleasantly surprised. She didn't have any adverse reactions to the coconut oil, and her skin seemed to be on the mend. I am hopeful this is the answer my husband and I have been searching for.
Saturday evening before bed, I again massaged the coconut oil into Bumblebee's scalp, hair and skin. I didn't bath her, as I don't want to dry her skin out any more than it already is. I got her ready for bed, and put her to bed. I am eagerly awaiting the results the morning will bring. Hopefully, the rough patches on her skin with be even more diminished. The dry patch on her head hasn't returned, and her skin and hair feel silky smooth.
Conclusion: So far, so good. The coconut oil appears to be working. The dry, rough, flaky patches are diminishing. I will continue to use the coconut oil into her scalp, hair and skin.


I also am experimenting with the coconut oil in my hair. I have an oily scalp, but have coarse, dry hair. While the top of my hair, closest to my scalp, remains well moisturized, the middle and ends tend to be dry, with the ends feeling like straw. Last night, after I washed my hair with my regular moisturizing shampoo, and after allowing it to air dry slightly, I massaged some of the coconut oil into my hair, paying special attention to the ends. While the ends still feel a little dry and straw-like, the middle section of my hair feels much softer and silkier than before. I will continue to use the oil in my hair, though not every day.
So far, the coconut oil seems to be helping both Bumblebee and me. More experimentation is necessary, as one day is not long enough to draw a conclusion.