Friday, October 24, 2014

Bumblebee's Eating Food!!!!

We went to see Bumblebee's pediatrician on Tuesday, October 21, 2014. It was her four month checkup, so there were shots involved. This was our first visit to this pediatrician, as we switched because we didn't feel she was getting the care she deserves from her previous pediatrician. Plus, her previous pediatrician missed a double ear infection at her last checkup. So frustrating!

Anyway, at this appointment, we met her new pediatrician, whom Robin and I both LOVE! He was awesome! And, Bumblebee seemed to really like him and his nurse. After they did all the measuring and weighing and whatnot, the doctor came in and examined her. We told him about the rash we thought was heat rash, but it wasn't going away. He took one look at it and was able to tell us it was eczema. He recommended an over-the-counter moisturizer to use to help clear it up. It was nice to have some answers for a change, instead of just being ignored. But I digress... After the doctor left, his nurse came in to give Bumblebee her shots. Of course, little Bumblebee cried, because it hurts, but not for long. Once it was over, and back in my arms, she settled right down. We asked the nurse about starting baby food, because we forgot to ask the doctor (sleep-deprived new parents, LOL). She told us that it was perfectly fine to start her on baby food. Even recommended starting her on veggies instead of fruit or cereal.

We decided to start her on sweet peas. Why? You ask. Simple answer. I want to make her food for her (even have a Baby Bullet to do it), and I had fresh sweet peas in the freezer. So, I got out my Baby Bullet (which I love!) and made a small batch of sweet pea purée. It was so simple! All I had to do was take 1 cup of the peas and steam them. Then I added them to the Baby Bullet along with a 1/4 cup breast milk. (I decided to use breast milk instead of water for the added health benefits, but you can certainly use water, or even formula). Then I puréed them up in the machine. Once they were puréed, I put them into my storage containers.

We prepped everything, put a bib on little Miss Bumblebee (the cute little owl one her Aunt Carrie Anne sent her), and got ready to feed her. At first, she wasn't quite sure what was going on. She made some really funny faces, she cried a bit (but that could have been because she'd had her shots). She probably only ate about 1/2 a tablespoon at her first feeding, and then I nursed her. She went right to sleep, and slept really well.

My mom had the pleasure of feeding her the next time. Mom said Bumblebee gobbled up the peas, and would have eaten more if she'd had more. Momma was telling me Bumblebee was trying to grab the spoon and put it in her mouth! I'm sad I missed this, but happy my mom was able to share this special moment with her only grandchild.

Daddy's turn was next, but Bumblebee was so not interested in eating baby food this time. She didn't even want to nurse. So we decided to wait a bit and see if she'd eat a little later. Unfortunately, Robin had to leave for work, and didn't get to feed her this meal. It was left up to me, and she ate beautifully when I fed her.

Our second flavor choice was sweet potato. My mom received a ton (almost literally) of sweet potatoes from a friend of hers. She gave me a bunch of sweet potatoes already cooked and frozen. I took a small sweet potato, thawed it out, cut it into chucks, added it to the Baby Bullet with about 1/2 a cup of breast milk. I puréed it up and divided it into storage containers. I took a tablespoon of the sweet potato and put it in a bowl to feed Bumblebee. She GOBBLED this up. This baby loves her sweet potatoes! Daddy got to feed her the second helping of sweet potatoes, which she gobbled up for him. I know this made him very, very happy.

Tomorrow night, it's Auntie Heather's turn (my sister). She's coming over and I'm going to have her feed Bumblebee.

I'm not sure what our next flavor is going to be. So far, Bumblebee hasn't had any problems with the food. No allergic reactions, which we are so grateful for! We are debating between banana and avocado, but won't make any decisions till the peas and sweet potatoes I've already made are gone.