Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekly Favorites 11

Since I didn't post on Saturday, I decided to do my weekly favorites today.

Saturday was kind of a crazy day. We had swim lesson that morning at 9am. Bumblebee did great. She loved going down the slide. She was asleep by the time we got home. Well... I wound up pinching a nerve in my right shoulder and was experiencing muscle spasms, tingling and some pain. Luckily my hubby, who is an orthopedic technologist by training, was able to help relieve some of the problem, which was a knot in my shoulder.

Anyway... I didn't get much done on Saturday because of what was going on in my shoulder and arm. However, I am better now, and really ready to dive into this edition of Weekly Favorites.

Weekly Favorites11

This week's Favorite Fashion Find comes from my Pinterest board for dancewear camo looks. This is a great way to cover up dance clothes.
Weekly Favorites 11: Favorite Fashion Find

My Favorite Fashion for Bumblebee comes from Pumpkin Patch. This adorable floral dress would be so cute o Bumblebee.
Weekly Favorites 11: Favorite Fashion for Bumblebee

My Favorite Parenting Advice/Story is all about Amazon Mom. I have been a member of Amazon Mom for a year now, and I absolutely love it. It has more than paid for itself.
Weekly Favorites 11: Favorite Parenting Advice/Story

My Favorite DIY Project for this edition is all about making cloth napkins. I can't wait to try this project!
Weekly Favorites 11: Favorite DIY Project

This edition's Favorite Decorating Idea is an idea I'd love to do in Bumblebee's room.
Weekly Favorites 11: Favorite Decorating Idea

My Favorite Marriage Advice/Story for this edition of Weekly Favorites is just a quote. However, I believe it's a quote all married couples should reflect on. Especially in times of struggle and doubt.
Weekly Favorites 11: Favorite Marriage Advice/Story

Here's my pick for my Favorite Recipe for this edition. It's more a cake decorating idea, but I'm in "planning for Bumblebee's first birthday" mode. This would be adorable...
Weekly Favorites 11: Favorite Recipe

My Bonus Item this week is my hubby. Without him, I certainly would be in a lot more pain right now. He is my rock. He always supports me, and loves me through everything.