Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Mysterious "Vanilla Brownie"

I don't normally complain about things, at least not online. And this may seem petty and silly, but it's something that really annoys this OCD baker. What is it! The Mysterious "Vanilla Brownie"!

There is no such thing as a vanilla brownie. In order for a brownie to be a brownie, it MUST contain chocolate. That's why it's a brownie. Because it's brown from the chocolate.

If the confection has a brownie consistency, but does not contain chocolate, it is classified as a blondie.

Therefore, these so-called "vanilla brownies" floating around Pinterest are actually blondies.

So, please, for the sanity of this OCD baker, can we please stop calling them brownies unless they actually contain chocolate, and are therefore brownies? If it's not a brownie, don't call it a brownie. And, if it's a cake, just call it a cake. What's wrong with cake?

Baking with love, happiness, and joy!

Do you believe in the Mysterious "Vanilla Brownie"?