Tuesday, September 1, 2015

10 Wishes For My Daughter


  1. I wish for my daughter to grow in faith, love, and joy.
  2. I wish for her to grow in an understanding of finances that will give her the ability to not have to struggle.
  3. I wish for her to be confident in her abilities. Knowing she can do and be anything.
  4. I wish for her to grow in the knowledge that she is loved and wanted. More than she could ever truly understand.
  5. I wish for her to be a tolerate, loving person. Accepting all people for their uniqueness. Not judging them, but loving them.
  6. I wish for my daughter to grow to know she is a strong woman, from a line of strong women. She can overcome any obstacle set her path with faith, love and strong family support.
  7. I wish for her to know she will always be supported by her family, in whatever she wishes to do.
  8. I wish for her find a love so true she will never have to question or doubt it.
  9. I wish my daughter grows onto an intelligent, strong, confident, independent woman who is family-centered and God-caring.
  10. I wish for her to always be humble, to remember her roots, and always be proud of who she is.
Enjoy life with faith, love, and joy!

What are some wishes you have for your children?