Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Favorite Blogs

I don't read very many blogs on a regular basis. In fact, there are very few I read on a daily basis. Here, I've complied a list of my favorite blogs. Some I read every day, some I read sporadically throughout the week, and some I read once a week. I hope you find something you enjoy.

My Favorite Blogs

  1. Sweet Tea and Saving Grace. Kirsten is one of my favorite bloggers. I read her blog every time she posts. I love the way she writes. She is so funny and down-to-Earth. I have learned so very much from her over the last few months. Kirsten blogs about DIY, blogging, email marketing, recipes, etc. She also hosts several Facebook groups, has a YouTube channel, is on Periscope, and coaches people on email marketing. She's absolutely fantastic!
  2. Pretty Neat Living. Here's another of my absolute favorites. I actually began reading Jennifer's blog after I subscribed to her YouTube channel: Pretty Neat Living. Jennifer is so sweet, I just love her. Jennifer blogs about organization, beauty, and, most recently, her pregnancy. Jennifer is just delightful.
  3. Sally's Baking Addiction. Sally shares wonderful recipes on her food blog. Her baking recipes are some of my favorites. She has a wonderful Baking 101 series she's been doing that is so very informative. Sally is also a wonderful photographer.
  4. Embracing a Simpler Life. Katie is so very sweet, and her faith shines through in each of her posts. I usually binge on her blog at the end of the week. Reading all of her posts on Saturday evening. Katie blogs about living a simple life. I just love some of her ideas for simplifying routines.
  5. Just a Girl and Her Blog. Abby is wonderful! She blogs about organization and blogging. She is very informative. If you sign up for her newsletter, she sends you all sorts of freebies go help with organization and blogging.
  6. The Humbled Homemaker. I have to admit I haven't been reading this one much lately, but I do enjoy following Erin on Instagram. Erin blogs mostly about being a homemaker and healthy living. There are several food allergies within her family, and she blogs about how they cope with those allergies.
  7. The Only Hope I've Got. I read this one sporadically. Kayse is a beautiful writer. I love her posts on marriage and family.
  8. Paper Plates and Crystal. This is a delightful little weekly blog written by my friend Kathy. She writes about tablescapes and party planning. I just love her creativity and Southern flair.
  9. Art and Faith Matters. Lynn is a wonderful writer, teacher and preacher. In her weekly blog she looks and different religious art and writes about them. Her insights are beautifully represented.
I hope you were able to find something you enjoy on this list. My tastes are eclectic, and I tend to read what I like. One great thing about blogs, if you don't like the subject for that day's post, you don't have to read it.

Enjoy life with faith, love, and joy?

What are some of your favorite blogs to read?